About project Listen Radio online.


To realize the project like this, as they say, wanted to be done yesterday. To make multimedia site takes a lot of energy, than to implement it took a very long time.

The principal difference for the visitors is that you can listen to the radio online for free , without all sorts of registration, but the sound you have will be normal.

The first page is the Radio Online , the other available radio stations are there too, in one mouse click.

The idea of the project is to listen to the radio online when you need to be aware of the latest news or need serious analyst and it is for people who is easier to listen to radio broadcasting through the Internet at the right time, in the office, at work or College or elsewhere there is no access to normal radio.

Our Radio Partners, listen broadcasting for you.

Want to contact us - write on the mailbox (we reply rarely) admin@tvradioadmin.com , at the moment the site is functioning as an alpha version and because of this may be temporary disruptions in radio broadcasts, we wish you good listening.